4.5 feet round Diameter U leg trampoline Trampoline

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Benefits of using trampoline exercise? (1) It can promote blood circulation and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. In turn, improve the body's immunity and reduce the incidence of dangerous diseases. (2) Continuous jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour of jogging. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote increased metabolism and improve fat oxidation. (3) The small & big trampoline exercise is a very decompressing exercise. The human body jumps upward to make people forget themselves. The feeling of weightlessness can make the body and mind more concentrated and forget unpleasant things. Product information: Protective cover: made of sturdy Oxford fabric, protecting spring and metal frame from friction. Product Detail Edge protection brings more safety and comfort to your sport. An exercise trampoline is really good at space-saving, and it is suitable for a variety of people. Breathable Mat and Protective Pad Breathable design provide a more comfortable Bouncing experience. While pad surrounding ensures a more safe workout. RUDRAMS Fitness trampoline offers an ideal way to enjoy an aerobic workout which will result in improved strength, coordination, an