#Women's #sports  | #JSG @jyotigroups.com

#Women's #sports | #JSG @jyotigroups.com

The participation of women and girls in sports, physical fitness and exercise, has been recorded to have existed throughout history.
However, participation rates and activities vary in accordance with nation, era, geography, and stage of economic development.
While initially occurring informally, the modern era of organized sports did not begin to emerge either for men or women until the late industrial age.

Until roughly 1870, women's activities tended to be informal and recreational in nature, lacked rules codes, and
emphasized physical activity rather than competition. Today, women's sports are more sport-specific and have developed.
into both amateur levels of sport and professional levels in various places internationally, but is found primarily within
developed countries where conscious organization and accumulation of wealth has occurred. In the mid-to-latter part of the 20th century,
female participation in sport and the popularization of their involvement increased, particularly during its last quarter. Very few organized
sports have been invented by women. Sports such as Newcomb ball, netball, acrobatic gymnastics and tumbling, and possibly stoolball, are examples.
More recent examples include Pamela Frey's sport of BasKua in Argentina, and the game of Crokicurl by Liz Wreford and Leanne Muir in Canada.