Sports Activities | Blog JSG

Sports Activities | Blog JSG

  1.   Carrom -

Most of us have a carrom board lying around somewhere collecting dust and if not, this might be a good time to invest in one. To play the traditional, two-player game, both the opponents will be seated on each side of the board opposite to each other. Carrom can also be played with four people playing as teams of two. While you're able to pass a big amount of time playing the game, you're also simultaneously building on your cognitive and focus skills.

  1.   Backyard Football -

Whether you have a small backyard or you're using your living room as a backyard, just place a foldable Kipsta Cage and you're all set for the day practicing your scoring or goalkeeping skills.

  1.   Table Tennis -

So table tennis essentially is an indoor sport but you don't necessarily need a table tennis table. Turn any table (including your dining table) in a table tennis table with the help of a roll-net that attaches to any table or even better if you don't have a partner, play wall table tennis by hitting the wall back and forth with the help of a wall.

  1.   Hoola Hooping -

Hoola Hoops -  this simple piece of equipment can boost the fun factor in your fitness routine and give you an excellent workout at the same time. This could actually be a good time to learn the very-popular Hoola Hoops which you can show off to your friends and family after.

  1. Treadmill Workout  –

This workout method is also an entertaining activity that is easy to use and provides you with as much customization as you want with the options like walking, running, incline and elevation.

  1.   Basement Skateboarding -

Being stuck indoors with a skateboard or even inline skates can be quite a terrible feeling but here's a good idea. Head to the basement of your building which is usually cement floors and skateboard away to glory. Since nobody's really leaving their house, you won't have many cars disturbing you there.

  1.   Indoor Basketball -

Is is the best time to perfect your shooting skills. Don't use a bucket maybe, try to get hold of an indoor hoop and you're pretty much set for the day.

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