#Light #Design #Ideas for #Hotels  | #JSG @jyotigroups.com

#Light #Design #Ideas for #Hotels | #JSG @jyotigroups.com

Lighting Design Ideas for Hotels

Bubbles of light
In many hotel entrances, there’s normally going to be decorative wall hangings of cheap paintings on canvas. It could be copied artwork or originals. There’s a pendant of light designs that are incorporated in many hotels worldwide that have become popular. They’re derived from the “Champagne Bubbles pendant from Sonneman.com,” which seems to resemble a bundle of tiny bubbles lights. The “thin crystal glass balls” have the LED designs which are featured in clean lined complementary style as well as elevate minimalist interiors simple hotel decor. They can be hung with a single pendant or a configuration like bundle.

Focus on the light
Focusing on windows, walls, and lighting is seen as three elements of design for a hotel owner. It starts when the idea for lighting designs which focus in their entrances of their lobbies, but there’s many other areas of a hotel or hospitality business will focus the light on and that’s on the walls. Designer lighting for hotels and hospitality are being seen everywhere now. The lighting effects are seen as a rail of light along the ceiling of the wall or the wall’s lining along the floor. Get inspiration from the hotel that focuses on lighting on the walls.

Waterfalls of lights
The waterfalls of lights are trending in spa-like bathrooms. It’s one of the most iconic and trendy light elements being seen in hotels world-wide. Future hotel owners or those who currently are looking into changing up their interior decor will notice a rise in interesting looking waterfalls along lobby entrances as well as in large bathrooms. The water sounds and the lighting behind the waterfall makes (and feels) as if you are in a resort style spa.

Huge Chandelier
The huge chandelier is well-known for many exquisite and popular large hotel lobbies. For those who want the luxury style look, hang one in the dining area and you’ll ultimately get that feel of beautiful luxury. It’s normally at the center of the entrance of the hotel, above the center of the fine dine-in restaurant of the hotel, or even high above the ceiling “outside” the entrance of the hotel.